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Architectural Design

LAUCKS ARCHITECTS has been providing quality architectural and interior design services since 1987. The firm has served a varied clientele throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

     In 2004, the addition of new talent to the staff allowed the firm to expand into new markets and improve the services available to existing clients. The diverse backgrounds of our designers provide a solid core of experience, allowing Laucks Architects, P.C. to service our clients in the most complete manner possible.

     The areas of expertise in the residential market include single family dwellings, multi-family dwellings, and additions. The process begins with sitting down with the client and listening to their desires. Our team will begin with conceptual design, combining the client's desires, needs and budgetary requirements. Upon approval of the conceptual design, the process of turning the client's dreams into reality begins.

     With the addition of an interior designer to our team, we now offer complete interior design and decorating services including interior re-design, which allows you to create a fresh look using your existing furnishings and treasures.

     Laucks Architects, P.C. also provides experience in commerical architecture and interior design, including corporate, retail, medical, hospitality, restuarants, food service and industrial projects. Beginning with the client's requirements, programming needs, prototype development and ultimately the final phases of project completion allows our team of designers to employ their design creativity and deliver the project on time and within budget.

Architectural Design

Everything from building aestetics to space layout and programming.

International Building Code

Code study compliant to your location and adherence in design and function to those requirements.

Computer Aided Drafting

Full computer aided drafting from concept to full construction documents.

3d Modeling

3d modeling to help you visualize your building and space.

Full Color Rendering

Color pictures that show your building with the same colors, materials and textures this would be used on your project.

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